09 May 2013

Growing Pains

Writing a blog is very hard, especially when you don't have an audience. It's impossible to not have the feeling that you are a bit crazy, speaking to some non-entity, this fantastical potential reader. If there is no audience, the blog is effectively a diary that you are broadcasting to the world. It's incredibly narcissistic, as if your life is interesting enough and your opinions are interesting enough to fore people to read. I will try to avoid this diary like style so that in the unlikely occasion that anyone other than me (when I edit) reads what I write. There are all kinds of things to explore in that vein, but I'm too tired to go down that metaphysical rabbit-hole. So many possibilities!

Anyhoo, I know from the guys who went from writing to themselves to making it big, like Megan McArdle who I started reading in her Jane Galt days, that writing on a regular basis is critical. I do not think this is for the audience. If you can write wonderfully like some weekly bloggers, you will have hundreds of people who read you. The news will spread (eventually) that delicious free beer is being poured at your blog once a week (to make a metaphor train-wreck, apologies!). It is, however, very hard to have the focus to keep one's writing sharp. The problem is that it takes a while for you to be found, and it's very likely that you just cannot find something to write about on a daily basis. If you cannot keep going long enough to me discovered, it is clearly impossible to reach a following. Honestly, I don't care if anyone but the Google spiders ever comes and reads this. I am going to continue speaking my truth semi-anonymously into the ether and if anyone cares to listen, they can come by and even shout back!

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